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Friday, 26 August 2016

HTTPS and Google SerpsThe purpose of this page is to document in the form of a video diary series, what happened to EasyPlay.Vegas’s Google Search Engine exposure after we installed an SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) certificate.

The purpose of an SSL Certificate is to encrypt all data sent from the website to the visitor and vice versa. It is a form of good practice, regardless whether you process financial transaction or accept user entered data.

To this extent back in 2014, Google announced that they will add weight to a site’s authority and subsequent position within their search results to all sites that employ SSL and serve their pages via the HTTPS protocal.

On the 8th March 2016, EasyPlay.Vegas set up SSL throughout the entire website, meaning all pages are now served via the HTTPS Protocol using port 443.

Below are our video diaries, detailing the effects on our exposure within the google organic search. I hope you find the videos on this page of use and that you can hopefully learn from our experience in implementing SSL on your own websites.

First HTTPS & Google Serps Video Diary Entry – 13th March 2016

First video diary entry concerning the ramifications of installing SSL on EasyPlay.Vegas, recorded on Sunday 13th March 2016. This entry discusses the changes we have seen in the Google Serps for EasyPlay.Vegas.

What is noticeable is that our referrals and click throughs alongside page impressions have taken a nose dive.

This will be followed up by further video entries detailing the ongoing changes as a result of serving the pages on EasyPlay.Vegas via the HTTPS Protocol.

I hope you find this video of use, when and if you, yourself, decide to install SSL on your own website.

Second HTTPS & Google Serps Video Diary Entry – 14th March 2016

Some 36 Hours after the first video in the series which is linked above, I discuss my findings so far, with the good news to report that it appears our Google rankings are returning.

Whilst not conclusive, it is apparent that the drop in traffic we have seen from google over the past few days is a direct result of installing SSL and Google initially treating the https address as a new site.

Now that the crawl of all 301 redirects from the http address of EasyPlay.Vegas is well underway, link juice is being passed to the new absolute https path and our rankings are beginning to return.

A final video in the series will be released at the end of the week, whereby I will voice my conclusion concerning the experience.

Final HTTPS & Google Serps Video Diary Entry – 21st March 2016

Eight days after the first video, detailing the affects on OnlineCasinoReviewer’s Google Rankings and traffic, since installing the SSL certificate on the site. I am happy to report, both page impressions and click thru traffic has returned to the levels, which we saw prior to installing the SSL certificate.

However, as part of the process in examining what had transpired, I also uncovered over issues which were possible causes as to why we saw such a sharp decline in page impressions in google search and in turn organic traffic.

This third and final video in the series, touches upon these areas and I provide you with an overall conclusion concerning the whole process.

Thanks for watching and I hope these videos have been of use and benefit to you, as you plan to implement an SSL certificate on your own site.