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Thursday, 25 August 2016
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2004 European Poker Awards – Dec 1st, 2004

Casino NewsThe European Poker Awards are held annually at the end of each year to recognise the achievements of everyone connected in the industry. Whether it be Poker Players, individual casinos and casino staff.

Online Poker has come a long way in Europe recently in part this is due to the growth in popularity of online poker. The outlook as a result for 2005 is very promising indeed for European Poker.

European Poker Awards 2004 – Casino staff person of the year:


Andres Burget, Astoria-Palace Casino, Estonia ( Estonia)
Thomas Kremser, IPF, Austria ( Austria )
Keith Sloan, Australia ( Australia)
Gerard Serra Retamero, Gran Casino Barcelona, Spain ( Spain)
Edgar Stuchly and Joe Fuchshofer, Casinos Austria, Austria ( Austria )

European Poker Awards 2004 – Player of the Year:


Marcel Luske ( Holland)
Lucy Rokach ( England)
David Colclough ( England )
Willie Tan ( England
Ram Vaswani ( England)

European Poker Awards 2004 – Outstanding tournament performance of the year:


James Vogl ( England )
Surinder Sunar ( England )
Martin DeKnijff ( Sweden)
Angel Puras Blanco ( Spain)
Theo Jorgenssen ( Denmark )

Rookie of the Year


Jani Sointula (Finland)
James Vogl ( England)
Isabelle Mercier ( France)
Serge Kammerer (France)

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