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Dane Wins Rags to Riches Jackpot – January 9th, 2005

Casino NewsDanish player ‘Sture’, enjoyed a great start to the year this week when he conquered the Rags to Riches progressive slot at with Viking-like celerity after just $21 of play.

Sture, a 38 year-old from Denmark, was playing early Wednesday morning after his girlfriend left for work. He planned on playing through around $20 and then calling it quits; but luckily for him, he hung in for an extra spin and on the twenty-first dollar hit the jackpot for a hair-raising US $198,292.

“I have been a player at InterCasino for about six months, and I have always liked to play slots and European Roulette – just a little Roulette, five dollars on black or red once in a while – but Roulette never paid out $198,292!” said the elated Dane.

Sture isn’t what most casinos consider a high roller – he bets for entertainment and makes each bet last. In fact, he has only wagered about two thousand dollars since joining the casino, and by his accounting he was already up one thousand before hitting his personal big-time.

“I knew I could win a jackpot but I never expected to. Of course, each spin I make, I want to win it – and this time I did. I was stunned, I just sat in front of my computer for a minute or two without moving or saying anything,” confesses Sture.

After that, he probably went a little berserk!

What will the lucky Dane be doing with his winnings? “I don’t plan any big changes in my life. I will invest most of the money that I’ve won, but I think I’ll be taking some of it to buy a new black and chrome Harley Davidson this coming summer.”

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