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Gaming Software Giant to enter Gambling Sector? – September 18th, 2009

Casino NewsIf true, speculation on several internet information sites that Japanese gaming giant Sega is to enter the online gambling sector is likely to create major competitive waves.

With its significant range of familiar and popular gaming themes lending themselves to conversions into slot themes, and its considerable technological abilities and experience in multi-media gaming, Sega would be a formidable addition to the roster of software providers. The problem is…there does not seem to be any substantiating facts behind the speculation, and Sega has not made an official statement.

The story appears to have its genesis on the gaming information website Gaming, but the article offers precious little hard information backing the ‘rumour’ that Sega is gearing up to enter the Internet gambling market. Gaming Supermarket reports:

“[Sega] hasn’t yet made any official announcement on a potential online casino and poker service, industry experts believe that the company are (sic) hoping to use the power of the SEGA brand to attract potential gamers [who] grew up with the SEGA brand with the Megadrive, during the company’s most successful period in the early-mid 1990’s.”

Other reports say – again without any substantiating facts – that Sega could be on the scene as early as next (October 2009 month). But are these reports true or just another item from the at times imaginative rumour mill?

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