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Thursday, 25 August 2016
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Internet Gambling Prohibition Act HR4777 – March 10th, 2006

Casino NewsGamblers hailing from the United States of America face yet again another assault on their civil liberties and freedom of choice, in the form of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act HR 4777.

Rather than follow the United Kingdom’s lead and update legislation concerning Online Gambling. Whereby Online Gambling can be properly regulated and thus improve protection for legitimate players, minors and those with gambling problems.

In the ‘Infinite Wisdom’ of some members of Congress it would be better for all concerned to outlaw the activity of online gambling which is enjoyed by the vast majority of those that partake with no problems encountered at all.

It is OCR’s considered view that passing of this act would not only drive gambling in the United States underground, but will expose those US Players who will no doubt ignore the act if passed, to resort to playing at online casino clip joints – Of which the players interest are not their number one consideration.

The passing of HR 4777 would also mean reputable casinos such as 32Red, Roxy Palace and All Slots Casino amongst many, would no longer accept US Players.

Further to this, we believe that if HR 4777 is passed, this would have very worrying consequences for the US Constitution, as there are plans to block all gambling related sites at US ISP Level, including those which are only an information resource and do not take bets, such as EasyPlay.Vegas.

This in essence is a form of censorship being proposed, which will set a precedent of which will challenge the very fabric of the US Constitution – The First Amendment.

It is our view however, that HR 4777 will not be passed, although any concerned US Citizen should take a stance now and make their voice be heard, to ensure once and for all the threat to Online Gambling in the United States is headed off.

So what can US Citizens do to stop this Bill from becoming a very real Big Brother Reality, either in the near future or a couple of years down the line?

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