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Online Gambling’s Popularity Continues to Rise – September 25th, 2005

Casino NewsFor an industry that is still technically in it’s infancy, the popularity of Online Gambling is going from Strength to Strength. Casino-style games on the Internet have seen a parallel growth in popularity. It seems that of all the varied pursuits available on the Internet today, online gambling is one of the top activities for people with time and money to spare.

In fact, Online Gambling is not really expensive. At many sites, players can open an account for the same cost as filling up with gas for a drive to the nearest land-based casino. Traffic is continuous from all around the world to top sites, the ones that have managed to build up mutual trust with their customers. Internet gambling is no longer considered a fad. It is here and it is here to stay.

Gambling over the internet has become big business in the United States over the past year despite a recession that has caused an industry-wide advertising slump.

Online Gambling, once thought of in the same seedy vein as online pornography, has gained a level of legitimacy despite myriad controversies facing it. The medium of Online Gambling means it is now a viable alternative to gaming resorts such as Las Vegas.

The sector has become the fifth largest advertiser online, jumping to over 2.5 billion from 911 million ads in the last year. Online Gambling Firms are now advertising on more mainstream sites, thus appealing to whole new groups of gambling enthusiasts. More than two million Americans regularly place bets at casino websites, despite the fact that none are based within the United States.

Such sites are usually located in the Caribbean, Gibraltar and Australia. They operate in a legal grey area. No current US federal law prohibits online gaming, although there have been noises by some lawmakers to support a ban on internet gambling.

The UK Govt though have decided to cash in on the fastest growing business online – by updating the antiquated UK Gaming Legislation which had remained unchanged from the 1960′s.

The Online Gambling Industry has grown so much and so fast that a web-tracking firm has begun monitoring Gambling Sites as a separate category in terms of destinations and advertisers. “Online casinos are now competing for advertising with the most visible industries, including retail, financial services and travel,” says Charles Buchwalter, head of media research at Jupiter Media Metrix.

Whilst the growth in Online Gambling can increase the propensity for problem gambling, as it makes it readily accessible to all with an internet connection – It is also fantastic news for those that are sensible and enjoy leisure based wagering activities.

The popularity of Online Gambling has enabled companies such as 32Red PLC and Cassava operators of to float on the London Stock Exchange. Thus bringing in more revenue, to promote their respective Online Casinos and further fund development of future games. Whether the bubble is about to burst is another thing, we at EasyPlay.Vegas truly believe the industry as a whole has at least another 5 years of growth before peaking.

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