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Thursday, 25 August 2016
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UK Player Nets Big Win at Victor Chandler Casino – Dec 5th, 2004

Casino NewsA lucky player of the Victor Chandler Casino Website Roulette Table has won a staggering amount of £273,000. The phenomenal amount is believed to be one of the highest amounts ever earned from online roulette in UK casino history.

The man who won, who has kept his name a secret but is known to live in the Buckinghamshire area, continued to play on in a marathon 14 hour session as his earnings continued to increase.

The mystery winner has revealed the strategy behind the win. He continued to place £100 on each number whilst also placing £100 on the four surrounding splits- making a total stake of £500.

A spokesperson for Victor Chandler elaborated that this stake plan equated to: “£100 at 35/1 and £400 at 17/1”.

He also congratulated the winner with the following words of praise: ‘This gentleman has shown some incredible nerve to continue riding his luck. Many people would have called it a day after winning several thousand but this high roller has kept on going past the quarter of a million pound mark.’

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