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Saturday, 27 August 2016

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These Players are so Bad I Just Can’t Beat Them


These Players are so Bad I Just Can’t Beat Them – Dave Tarbet Ever been in a game where you just can’t believe you’re losing? You’re a good player, you only play strong hands and you know the odds but somehow you’re losing against some very bad players. With poker

Shut Up and Deal


Shut Up and Deal! – Dave Tarbet One of the most important and often overlooked factors in a game of poker is the dealer. A good dealer not only distributes the cards, but controls the game, lets players know when it is their turn to act, knows how much the

Short Handed Play


Short Handed Play – Dave Tarbet Short handed play is very different from a full table and you must alter your style of play accordingly. Many players do not like short handed games as they cannot grasp the difference in playing style needed to win at a short handed table.

Limit Holdem


Limit Holdem – Dave Tarbet Limit Hold’em has been slightly forgotten about in the last couple of years as all the televised tournaments seem to be No-Limit and that is what the new players coming into the game are learning. You’ve probably all heard the saying that “No Limit Hold’em

Cash Games are where its at


Cash Games are Where it’s At! – Dave Tarbet While it may be viewed as a challenge to take on and beat the best players in the world in most other sports, in poker cash game play to make money is the most important thing. You could be the tenth

Playing in your First Live Poker Tournament


Playing in your First Live Poker Tournament – Dave Tarbet It’s a big step to make the jump from the comfort and anonymity of playing on your computer at home to a real life casino and poker tournament but hopefully by reading this article you’ll feel more comfortable about making

Online Poker versus Live Poker


Online Poker versus Live Poker – Dave Tarbet Having been in and around poker for 10 years I always thought I preferred live play over playing on the internet as that’s how I learned the game before there ever was internet poker.  However, I’ve been playing quite a lot of

A Chip and a Chair


A Chip and a Chair – Dave Tarbet The saying ‘a chip and a chair’ means that so long as you’ve got a chip and a chair then you have a chance to win. It originates from the 1982 World Series of Poker where Jack Straus was down to only

Odds and Outs


Odds and Outs – Dave Tarbet A bit of a maths lesson for you this week as we look at calculating your outs and pot odds, but please no calculators! The number of outs you have are the remaining cards in the deck with which you can win the hand.

Sit Go and Win


Sit Go and Win – Dave Tarbet One of the most popular forms of online poker today is the Sit and Go Tournament, which is a single table tournament that starts as soon as the table is full (usually 10 players). It’s a fun and convenient way to experience tournament

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