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Monday, 16 May 2016

Wagershare Casino Affiliate Program

Wagershare Affiliate ProgramWagerShare is the casino affiliate program responsible for marketing the Palace Group of Online Casinos. Casinos in this group include the Microgaming Powered Spin Palace Online Casino.

WagerShare have been blacklisted by EasyPlay.Vegas for a number of reasons, not withstanding the small fact they owed us over £3,000 in unpaid marketing costs for several years.

WagerShare has also been listed as a ‘Rogue’ Casino Affiliate Program by the Affiliate Protection site Affiliate Guard Dog. In addition to this, numerous complaints have been made concerning WagerShare in the various casino webmaster forums.

Our main issue with WagerShare though is the extremely high proportion of locked player accounts that occurs month on month. This is something that has also been noted by several other webmasters who have worked with WagerShare and their properties.

Then there is the fact that WagerShare have in the past and currently are invoking their equivalent of the ‘FU’ clause with their webmaster partners.

Wagershare closes to Merge with Referback in July 2014

In July 2014, news filtered through that Wagershare were closing their doors and were to merge with another Microgaming Affiliate Program, Referback. The newly created program is called Buffalo Partners and is now responsible for the affiliate marketing of  all of the properties of the combined groups.

Read more about Buffalo Partners here.

Retroactive Term Changes – Withholding of Earnings and Locked Player Accounts

Asides from the fact that WagerShare currently owe OCR over £3,000 in unpaid marketing costs, it appears the people behind WagerShare are also upsetting many other casino webmasters by withholding earnings and reducing commission percentages. ( Buffalo Partners finally paid us these monies, some several years after they were past due ).

We first encountered a problem with WagerShare back in the summer of 2010, when it was noticed that an incredibly high percentage of the players we were referring to their casino properties were ‘self excluding’ and thus their accounts were becoming locked. Not only did this initially raise eyebrows, but WagerShare decided to take it to the next level and remove all earnings from said locked players, just in case the players made a charge back.

On querying this with our then account manager Jarren Pinchuck, we were told that all earnings on said locked players would be paid after three months had passed, with no charge backs having been made. This of course was not acceptable, especially as their properties had good positions on EasyPlay.Vegas.

Furthermore we were told that the onus was on us to ‘REMIND’  Wagershare to check to see if any charge backs had been made after the 3 months had elapsed. They would then make the necessary adjustment and pay us any earnings.

None of this sat well and after a cyber equivalent of blowing a gasket, WagerShare relented and subsequently paid us the monies which we were due.

However, this practice of unusually high number of player accounts being locked, is apparently occurring with many of their other affiliate partners, judging by threads in the various affiliate forums. In addition, WagerShare are at a whim reducing agreed commission percentage deals, in an effort to get their ‘partners’ to increase their properties exposure on the affiliate websites they own and run.

The final nail in the coffin to confirm WagerShare’s rogue practices and the reason they have been blacklisted not just on EasyPlay.Vegas, but many other gambling portals, is the use of their ‘FU’ Clause. So what is the FU Clause?

Basically if you fail to refer a new depositing player within a rolling three month period, WagerShare reserve the right to withhold any earnings until such a time a new depositing player has been referred. Not only is this a retroactive term which I as a webmaster did not sign up to when I joined WagerShare back in 2006, but this is downright theft!

Welcome to the Blacklisted Affiliate Programs page on OCR, WagerShare. The least you deserve!