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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rome Partners – Blacklisted Casino Affiliate Program

Rome PartnersOk, I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of the Top Game Casino Software, but I do consider myself to be objective and impartial when it comes to updating EasyPlay.Vegas.

Even more so when it comes to actually making the decision to add a property to the casino blacklist, or in this instance the blacklisting of an affiliate program.

Well the first bad news for Rome Partners is that both their casino properties which they represent, in the form of Rome Casino and Diceland have both been blacklisted here on OCR. For a variety of reasons, including slow to non payment of winnings and extremely and I don’t say this lightly, unprofessional customer support.

Secondly, Rome Partners have been the recipient of several complaints, some from leading casino affiliates, of dubious zeroing of statistics at the month end. As a result, Rome Partners find themselves listed as a blacklisted and rogue affiliate program here on OCR.

Rome Partners and the casinos they are responsible for marketing are owned by a Josh Cartu, who in the past has also shown he hardly exudes professionalism. Owners of online casinos should lead by example and from the front. Such as what Ed Ware does at 32Red, thus helping them maintain their stellar reputation in the iGaming community.

Not so with Josh Cartu. Indeed, he has in the past resorted to childish remarks on the comments thread of a webcast produced by player watchdog Casinomeister, when Rome Casino were castigated for their poor customer service.

Rome Partners also have the unique distinction of becoming the first and only program I have decided to blacklist and rogue, which isn’t currently marked as ‘Predatory’ or ‘Rogue’ on the leading affiliate site, Affiliate Guard Dog. But I suspect, it won’t be too long before they also fall from grace there.

If you are looking for a program to work with, which features casinos which accept US players, do yourself a big favour and avoid Rome Partners and their two casino properties. On our Casino Affiliate Programs resource here on OCR I personally recommend programs which are good to go, who look after players and their affiliate partners accordingly.

Rome Partners is a Blacklisted and Rogue Casino Affiliate Program. Webmasters avoid at all costs!