This Week in Gambling

This Week in Gambling provides you with the latest video news reports which covers all aspects of online and land based gambling.

Sometimes serious, often witty, This Week in Gambling provides players with the latest news concerning the gambling industry.

An idea by APCW Founder JTodd, This Week in Gambling is in our opinion the must see Gambling News.

Streaming up to date video  footage  and news 24/7, This Week in Gambling also allows you to view videos on demand.

For further information, please visit the This Week in Gambling website.

All the Popular Gambling News Broadcasts in one Place

As well as providing their own weekly new bulletins, the This Week in Gambling video above, also showcases other leading gambling website news bulletins. The player ( Video Player, not you the Casino Player! ) which can be expanded to a full page, can also be used to choose which broadcast you want to watch.

Webcasts and bulletins which feature in the This Week in Gambling broadcast video, include the latest webcast from player advocate Bryan Bailey aka Casinomeister, leading Sports site Sports Book Review and the APCW.

All of the news broadcasts are worth watching in their own right when you have a spare five minutes, especially if you like to gamble. Well hopefully you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here on EasyPlay.Vegas, right?

JTodd the visionary behind This Week in Gambling, left the employ of Casino City to set up this innovative gambling webcast. JTodd still freelances for the APCW where he is the face of the APCW, but he is now concentrating all his efforts behind This Week in Gambling.

JTodd is well respected in the iGaming industry and as such I am happy to publicise his latest project in the form of  the This Week in Gambling page here on EasyPlay.Vegas.

If you are a casino webmaster, you should also get in touch with JTodd and enquire to run their video on your site or sites also. As it is great content and in my opinion adds true value to your site. I certainly feel and hope this is the case with EasyPlay.Vegas anyhow.