Licensing Jurisdictions

Another important aspect to be aware of is the actual licensing jurisdiction of the casino you are playing at resides in.  Covered on this page are  all the main territories where online casinos currently operate from. Not just the jurisdictions where the casinos we recommend reside in.

Knowing the country of origin of the casino that you play on is important, especially if a problem arises and you require third party assistance.

EasyPlay.Vegas is committed to only featuring those casinos which allow access to a third party such as the territory’s regulatory authority to make impartial decisions if and when required.

This means there is an assurance of safety for players in the unfortunate event of resolving any dispute between player and casino property that may arise.


Gibraltar is home to many of the leading UK owned gambling companies, with the likes of 888Holdings, 32Red and Ladbrokes all operating their online casinos from the small British controlled offshore territory.

Gibraltar is regarded as one of the most stringent offshore remote gambling jurisdictions and is also ‘White Listed’ by the UK. This means Gibraltar based gambling operations are allowed to advertise in the UK.

Hence the recent proliferation of advertisments on the UK Television channels from Gibraltar based gambling companies.

Gambling licenses issued to operators wanting to host their services in Gibraltar are governed by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority or GRA for short.

For an operator to be able to obtain a license in Gibraltar, a series of stringent due diligence tests are performed by the GRA.


Online Gambling Operations which are based on the Channel Island of Alderney are regulared by the Alderney Gambling  Control Commission, or AGCC for short.

Alderney and the AGCC are arguably the most stringent offshore gambling licensing jurisdiction in the world, even more so than Gibraltar.

As a result, Alderney is only home to a select few gambling companies.

Should any disputes arise between players of online casinos located in Alderney, the AGCC will act as a mediator, with their decision and rulings on any outcomes having to be adhered by the gambling company.

Alderney is also regarded as a white listed jurisdiction for advertising purposes by the UK Government.

Because of this, Alderney is deemed as a very attractive territory for online gambling operations to locate to, this and the low tax regime the territory implements.