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CasinoBetNow Content Theft

Discussion in 'Scraping, Content Theft and Unethical Behaviour' started by Webzcas, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Webzcas Japan

    Webzcas Japan Drink Up Thy Cyder! Staff Member

    It appears the site casinobetnow.com operated by has seen fit to scrape the content from two of my sites and also hotlink my images. Indeed many pages of content has been lifted directly off OCR.

    This has reminded me that I should really have hotlink protection on my sites enabled. Which has now been duly done :).

    Below are some screenshots of how the pages of his site look now, just for additional proof for the affiliate programs he has accounts with. Exhibit 2 and you will see he hasn't even bothered to edit my name out of the scraped content. LAZY!

    exhibit1.jpg exhibit2.jpg exhibit3.jpg

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  2. Webzcas Japan

    Webzcas Japan Drink Up Thy Cyder! Staff Member

    More information on the person behind this. According to a whois lookup on the domain casinobetnow.com, the site in question that has scraped OCR's content and tried to hotlink the images on OCR is owned by:

    Registrant Name: john dowey
    Registrant Organization: N/A
    Registrant Street: 35 rayford avenue
    Registrant City: london
    Registrant State/Province: England
    Registrant Postal Code: SE12 0NF
    Registrant Country: GB
    Registrant Phone: +44.8528452125
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email:

    With the site registered on 3rd October 2014. It also looks like several other sites have also had their content stolen by this John Dowey. Just another reminder why webmasters need to ensure they make it as hard as possible to for scrapers to steal your content.
  3. UncleBada United States

    UncleBada United States probability

    United States
    is inevitable that things like this happen, I just really hope the search engines are still stamping a date and time of the original posted content then every thing copied after that simply will not even get cached.

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