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Players removed from Affiliate Program

Discussion in 'Scraping, Content Theft and Unethical Behaviour' started by Webzcas, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Webzcas Japan

    Webzcas Japan Drink Up Thy Cyder! Staff Member

    Ok so since end of January this year I have been reviewing the properties which are promoted and recommended here on EasyPlay.Vegas. Hence several casinos have fallen off the page, whilst other casino properties have joined the recommended casino list here on OCR in there place.

    Now in terms of being solid operations for players to play at, all bar none are quality operations. However, it would be amiss of me to add new casinos without performing mystery shopping tests and this is where the problem lies.

    One such property which I have added in 2015 to OCR has somehow stopped tracking my mystery shopping account. All was well and good when my msytery shopping account was up by several £k. With the subsequent negative commission accrued applied to OCR's Affiliate Account.

    However, once my mystery shopping account started losing and losing pretty much all winnings gained, the OCR Affiliate Account remains firmly in the negative and red.

    So this leads me to two conclusions. Either my mystery shopping account account has been removed and manually detagged from OCR's Affiliate Account. Or there is a serious issue with the affiliate program's software which tracks players.

    I will be making the affiliate program and the casino aware of this thread, so as I can gain an explanation as to what has occured, before I decide to name and shame.

    This does prove to me though, that TRUST or lack of is still a very pressing issue in the iGaming Industry.

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