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BurnBet Casino - Blacklisted and Rogue Casino

Take a bow the owners and operators of Burnbet, which is a sportsbook operation come online casino, that thinks that using pirated games is above board and all well and good!

Unfortunately they are not the first online casino to rip off games and subsequently serve as their own.

With the aim to prey on unsuspecting players, who assume wrongly that the games they are playing are legit. This is not the first time this criminal activity has occurred in the iGaming Industry.

Sadly, we also believe this is not the last such occurrence and no doubt we at EasyPlay.Vegas will be making similar reports in the future.

Burnbet operates out of Curacao, but interestingly has a UK Limited Company registered in Blackburn of all places. A certain Yucatan Limited, no doubt a shelf company, but I would not be surprised if the UKGC takes an interest as a result.

Thanks to our friends at Latest Casino Bonuses who once again first uncovered Burnbet's software piracy, as they did with AffPower back in 2016. As a result player advocate Casinomeister has blacklisted Burnbet, which can be seen here.

The exposing of Burnbet using pirated casino games has elicited a somewhat surprising response from the management team of the clip joint casino. With LCB staff being the recipients of threats made over their facebook page, through their site's live chat facility and over email. No doubt in an attempt to silence and remove all negative comments about Burnbet and their activities.

The threats received by LCB also could be construed as death threats and links to certain Mafioso was boasted by the Burnbet team. Classy.

Indeed having seen the email correspondence that Latest Casino Bonuses have received from Burnbet, I would be inclined to inform Greater Manchester Police and point them towards their direction, seeing as they have  a UK Company in play.

In short, players and affiliates should not touch Burnbet with a barge pole as you are only likely to get 'burnt'. Added to the fact that you will be served up fake games, which the casino will no doubt skew so the house has an even greater edge.

Burnbet - Blacklisted