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Wednesday, 24 August 2016
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Casino Bellini – Rogue and Blacklisted Casino

Casino BelliniCasino Bellini is an online casino which is licensed and operates out of Kahnawake, which utilises the Playtech Casino Software platform, which I have blacklisted primarily as a result of the behaviour of their affiliate program, Europartners.

Europartners who used to go under the name Casino Partners until their reputation became so murky they decided to rebrand several years ago, have a less than stellar reputation.

Indeed, besides the fact their statistic reporting software is how can I put this, less than perfect, they are renowned for spam and lots of it.

I myself have been the unfortunate recipient of countless spam approaches from Europartners ranging from the standard emails, to cold calling my office phone, to the more recent social media spam.

All correspondence of course promising me a ‘moon on a stick’ to promote their properties, of which Casino Bellini is one.

There are far Greater Options for Players

Casino Bellini and the others in the same group also have a less than brilliant reputation among players. Don’t get me wrong there are worse casinos out there, but there are a many more better than Casino Bellini.

If for instance you are looking for a decent Playtech Casino, then you should look no further than bet365 Casino for example.

As a direct result of the actions of Casino Bellini’s marketing arm, I have no option than to urge players to avoid playing at Casino Bellini.

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