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Tuesday, 23 August 2016
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Jackpots Heaven Casino

Once in a while there comes along a new online casino operation which doesn’t just slow pay or stall players, but is in essence criminal in nature.  Well stand up and take a bow

Indeed the pure audacity of this ‘casino’ is such that it is actually laughable. But there is a serious side too. If you don’t want to throw your money down a black hole, for it never to be seen again, do not frequent Jackpots Heaven.

Jackpots Heaven came to my attention whilst reading a thread relating to a new casino operation on the CasinoMeister Forums back in January 2010.

What followed was thirteen pages of posts unravelling the deception and audacious actions of this upstart casino operation.

At the time of updating EasyPlay.Vegas in March 2013, it appears that Jackpots Heaven is currently not  online. However, the rogue warning for Jackpots Heaven remains in place as a reminder of their rogue activities, should the people behind Jackpots Heaven decide to bring the ‘casino’ back to life.

Copyright Infringement, Rigged Games and False Information

The shrewd players that frequent the forum at CasinoMeister quickly identified the following:

  • Information on Jackpots Heaven security page was lifted word for word from respective pages used by Microgaming Operators.
  • The ‘proprietary software’ used by Jackpots Heaven had infringed heavily on the intellectual property of other main stream software providers such as Microgaming and Real Time Gaming. ‘Ripping Off’ some popular games developed by these companies.
  • Jackpots Heavens claims to be ‘licensed’ by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Costa Rica, when there is no such organisation or body.
  • Telephone Support Numbers listed on the Jackpots Heavens Website are actually those of established and reputable Belle Rock Gaming Group.

There is also more, but to be honest I do not have the time or inclination to list all of the deceptions that Jackpots Heaven have undertaken. OCR is not the only casino portal to have listed Jackpots Heaven as rogue and rightly so.

Indeed a quick google search provides more of the same. It is the opinion of EasyPlay.Vegas that for a ‘casino’ to go to such lengths as we have listed above, that the likelihood of a single player ever cashing out successfully is slim to none. In the words of the greatest  ” And Slim is out of town “. Players avoid Jackpots Heaven at all costs!

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