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Thursday, 5 April 2024
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Bitcoin and Channel Giveaway – 05/05/2016

In the first OCR Video Blog for May 2016, I discuss the topic of Bitcoin and it’s role in iGaming.

Just last week casino affiliates of the Betting Partners Casino Affiliate Program, were in receipt of an email communication, informing them that from the 1st June 2016, all subsequent affiliate payments were to be made using Bitcoins. Affiliate Partners, were given no other option of payment from Betting Partners.

This is not a Partnership and is more a case of a command. Do as I say or else. As you can imagine, many affiliates are up in arms due to this decision by Betting Partners and are in the process of removing their properties, which include the likes of Bodog, from their casino portals.

As far as I am concerned, Bitcoin is not a transparent currency and is also highly volatile. Furthermore being paid earnings in this virtual currency is no doubt going to raise eyebrows with the tax authorities where the affiliates reside in.

In short, this is a shitty move by Betting Partners and is one that they should seriously reconsider.

Moving on to more positive news, I discuss the EasyPlay.Vegas Youtube Channel Giveaway. Yep, that’s right, we are giving away £50 to one of our lucky viewers.

All that you need to do is visit our YouTube Channel here, subscribe, like this video ( click on the actual title of the video above to be taken to the YouTube page where the video resides ) and finally comment on the video, picking a number between 1 – 500.

Upon the EasyPlay.Vegas Channel receiving it’s 100th subscriber, I will randomly pick a number using a random number generator on my phone. The person who has picked that number listed in the comments, will then win £50.

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