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Saturday, 7 April 2024

Chippenham County Court

Court Date Set to Stay Bath Rock Media’s Claim Against ITC

5th December 2017 – Chippenham County Court has set a date for the hearing of Interactive Technology Corporation Limited’s  application to ‘Stay’ the proceedings brought against them by Bath Rock Media Limited, the owners and operators of EasyPlay.Vegas.

Bath Rock Media have issued a claim through the small claims court for the sum of £4940.30 owing, due to  ITC who own Affiliate Edge invoking a player quota clause, which reduced the agreed commission percentage owed to Bath Rock Media from 35% to 10%.

The amount claimed by Bath Rock Media covers revenue generated by historical players, revenue of which was accrued during the months of June and July 2017.

In addition to applying to ‘Stay’ Bath Rock Media’s claim, ITC will also be applying to the court for their costs if their application is successful.

The date of the hearing is 2pm on the 19th December 2017. Dave Sawyer, director of Bath Rock Media and webmaster of EasyPlay.Vegas stated concerning the court date:

“I am glad that finally a date in court has been set, even though it is only to hear ITC’s application to ‘stay’ our claim against them.”

“It is also telling, that a company such as ITC feels that by throwing money in the form of their solicitors at my claim, they are obviously of the view they can make it go away.”

“That money would have been better spent, paying what they actually owe my company and countless other affiliates, monies which they have withheld thanks to them hiding behind clause 4.7 which they added to their T & C’s without notice back in February 2017.”

“Regardless of the outcome of the hearing. The actions of ITC and their directors Stuart Ferster and Warren Ferster, shows that they are not affiliate friendly and in turn their group of casinos are not player friendly.”

“I am hopeful that the courts will see it the same way and am looking forward to having my say in court.”