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Saturday, 7 April 2024
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ITC To Contest Court Jurisdiction

10th November 2017 – As expected, Interactive Technology Corporation have moved to ‘STAY‘ my claim against them, with their lawyers DAC Beechcroft contesting the jurisdiction of the Court in England and Wales.

However, they can’t just apply for this to happen and for my claim and me to go away. Oh No!

I have had this confirmed this morning by speaking directly to the Northampton County Court, who initially handled the claim I brought against ITC.

In the coming weeks and I will update these pages accordingly, I and also ITC’s legal representative will both have to appear in Chippenham County Court. Which means I won’t have to travel very far seeing as it is the County Court closest to me.

This will be in front of a Judge who will decide on the information provided both by ITC and myself as to why or why not the English County Court System should hear my claim against ITC and Affiliate Edge.

As stated, this was expected as was the 11th hour in filing an application to ‘STAY’ my claim. So court it is then!