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Gambling Fairness Probe

Gambling Firms Face Inquiry on Promotions – OCR VLOG 21/10/2016

The EasyPlay.Vegas Video Blog for 21st October 2016, covers the breaking news story in the mainstream UK Media, concerning Online Gambling Firms facing a fairness inquiry.

I provide my take on this most welcome of news. For too long players have been hit by ‘Spirit of the Bonus‘ clauses and the such like. Being made to jump through numerous hoops to be able to cash out.

With the UK Gambling Commission also on the case, this could be the best news, certainly for UK based players for a long time. Hopefully the fact that the Competition and Markets Authority according to Sky News is tackling this issue head on, it will see as an end result more safeguards for players.

It is all very well offering no deposit bonuses and continual promotions to your player base, but if you as an operator then introduce insurmountable hoops for players to jump through in order to cash out, then that is just not on.

Thankfully with UK licensed and regulated operators having to adhere to any and all codes of conduct laid down by the UKGC, several big brands will finally have to tow the line. You know who you are….

I will of course release an update video as and when any further news is forthcoming.