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Saturday, 7 April 2024

Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools is the end product from renowned SEO Christopher Cemper and is also the most expensive webmaster tool which we feature on EasyPlay.Vegas.
But in our opinion is worth every penny or cent spent on it.

We have first hand experience seeing that Link Research Tools is capable of, after OCR was hit by an extensive and extremely damaging Negative SEO attack. With OCR being hit in the Spring of 2017.

As the name suggests, Link Research Tools is all about links, those backlinks which point to your site or sites. Links still being the number one factor as to how Google ranks pages returned within their search engine results.

Now whilst we feature on OCR more affordable SEO software which also provides link analysis, why should you then consider in addition shelling out for Link Research Tools? Well quite simply if your site is ever on the receiving end of a Negative SEO attack, Link Research Tools is your only hope. Seriously!

Backlink Analysis

Ok, so Link Research Tools or LRT is all about backlinks pointing to your site. With the backlink reports generated being extremely extensive. In a nutshell LRT finds more links than you even knew existed. But what is so great about the reports which are provided are the fact that it not only rates and weights them on their value, but also their toxicity.

Providing a site you run a report against  an overall ‘Toxic Score’. With a toxic score of over 1000, a site is very very likely to be at risk of, or have already incurred the dreaded ‘Penguin’ penalty.

Disavow Links

As with SEMrush, with Link Research Tools allows you to upload your latest Google Disavow file, which it then takes into consideration when calculating your site’s toxic score. It also will not list those urls and domains within your backlink analysis report which are contained in your uploaded Disavow file.

Detox Tool

Now that the Penguin Algorithm is part of the real time google algorithm, any links that you disavow using Google’s Disavow facility, will be taken into consideration as and when googlebot recrawls these links. However, when googlebot recrawls said links is anyones guess.

This is where Link Research Tool’s Detox Tool comes into it’s own. By subscribing to Link Research Tools you get awarded a certain number of credits to use among the suite of tools on offer, LRT’s Detox Tool.

The Detox Tool is the main feature of Link Research Tools in our opinion and we can attest to first hand this tool working. Basically 48 hours after uploading your disavow file to google, you should then run the Detox Tool within Link Research Tools.]

This facility then continues to ping googlebot until the web crawler recrawls every single link that is contained within your Disavow file.

By doing this and subsequently acquiring good solid natural relevant links, you will see over the coming weeks your site starting to rank once again and your organic traffic from google grow.


Now for the comparatively bad news and that is that Link Research Tools is not cheap. Indeed it is a utility that we only subscribe to when we have to, thus using other tools such as SEMrush on a regular basis for our day to day SEO.

But when you do need to use LRT, then it is worth every penny spent in our opinion.

  • Superhero                      €   299 per month
  • Superhero Startup       €   599 per month
  • Superhero Plus             €   999 per month
  • Superhero Brand         €  2499 per month

There is some good news though as new subscribers can take out a no obligation 7 day free trial.

Visit Link Research Tools Here