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Sunday, 8 April 2024

Majestic SEO – Taking Link Analysis to the Next Level

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

Everyone who runs a web site should already know, that to enable it to rank within search engines such as Google, that backlinks and links to pages within your site are of paramount importance.

The tricky bit, is understanding what those myriad of links mean and how they affect your overall organic reach within the search engines.

Furthermore, the knowledge as to how bad ‘toxic’ links pointing to your pages can have a detrimental affect on your exposure or lack of within the “SERPS”.

Well stand up and take a bow Majestic SEO. Majestic SEO is all about links, not just the links pointing to your site or sites, but also the links that power your rivals and competitors up the SERPS.

Used in conjunction with software such as SEMrush which has a handy interface to connect with Majestic, Majestic SEO is one of the many tools and software application found in the armoury of many leading SEO’s. For good reason too!

Backlinks are So Important

The power of Majestic SEO is quick to see once you open up an account. With it’s recognised Trust and Citation Flow index, you are able to ascertain quickly where your most powerful links are coming from.

The Site Explorer utility really does drill down to your last most recent acquired backlink. Indeed, not only can you use Majestic to see where your competitors are picking up their links. But just as important,  Majestic identifies any and all ‘Toxic’ links heading ‘your’ way and thus harming your off site seo project.

Links are as crucial today as they were ten years ago. Indeed this is something we put to Jason Duke a renowned iGaming SEO when we caught up with him to discuss his own software, TDN – The Domain Name.

Link Neighbourhood

Unlike the all in one applications like Ahrefs which provides a variety of SEO Tools and does not just focus on backlinks, Majestic takes it’s backlink analysis to another level. By examining and analysing the ‘neighbourhoods’ where your inbound links come from.

Unless it is a stand out authority site such as the BBC for instance, which in itself covers pretty much any and every topic, with part of the BBC being a news organisation. If you are running an iGaming portal and most of your links come from the ‘shopping’ space for example, then you are doing something wrong as far as your off site seo goes.

Well Majestic identifies where and which neighbourhood your links come from. This is especially important in these days of the Penguin Algorithm employed by google.

Pricing Structure and Free Trial

You will be pleased to know that Majestic SEO offers a free trial for trialling out their software and to see if it is for you. This is certainly worth doing regardless. You can then upgrade your account to a monthly or quarterly subscription plan, should you feel that Majestic is providing you with what you need.

Prices start from £39.99 a month to £319 a month for the full blown API version of the software.

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