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Tuesday, 10 April 2024

Moz- SEO Software, Resource and Community



Moz is not only a very very useful tool for webmasters to use when working on their SEO strategy, but is also an extremely good resource in it’s own right.

Setup and founded by renowned SEO expert Rand Fishkin, the Seattle based company now employs over 100 people. All of whom work on ensuring their Moz SEO suite of software is one of the very best available.

Those of you who frequent the GPWA Forums have very likely to have come across Moz first hand. With the GPWA using the data provided by Moz to rank the popularity of their members’ sites.

So let me take you under the hood of Moz and explain as to why you should seriously consider using their product to assist in your SEO efforts.

Moz Provides a Wealth of Information

Before I start about what the software developed by Moz provides you with, I feel it is only right and proper how I applaud the information and content freely available on the site to read and digest.

As an acknowledged SEO expert across all fields, Rand Fishkin has his finger well and truly on the pulse at the front end of SEO. When he speaks site owners sit up and take notice. As such the information on the Moz Website is of good value and a must read.

Rand’s Whiteboard Fridays are also well known as each week he Vlogs about a certain aspect or aspects of SEO. Whether it be link building, the latest google algorithm update or a particular area of on site SEO for instance.

Moz also boasts a forum community which is free for anyone to join and participate in. Here, you will find SEO’s a plenty from a whole variety of industries and fields. Certainly one of the better SEO Forum communities and well worth a lurk at the very least.

Moz Pro and Moz Local

There are actually two different pieces of software which you can subscribe to. These are Moz Pro and Moz Local. Here I will concentrate on Moz Pro as this is the most relevant for us casino affiliates.

The stated aim of Moz Pro, is to provide webmasters with higher rankings, quality traffic and measurable results. These are not my words, but the stated aims of Moz Pro.

How does Moz achieve this and what tangible benefits do you get as a webmaster from using their product?

As with SEMrush and Ahrefs, Moz Pro can undertake an in depth site audit, thus letting you know which areas of your on site SEO you need to get to grips with. Likewise, it also has the sought after SERP rank tracker, a keyword explorer and provides detailed analysis of your backlink profile.

All of these tools are very much worthwhile having. As stated at the top of the article, even the GPWA uses Moz as part of their formula for ranking their members’ websites.

Pricing Structure

Again, Moz is not free, but they do offer a 30 day no obiligation free trial. Which you should take up regardless. Even if it is to compare with other SEO tools.

  • Standard         $  99 per month
  • Medium          $ 149 per month
  • Large               $ 249 per month
  • Premium        $ 599 per month

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