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Tuesday, 10 April 2024

WebCEO – SEO Software Tools and Keyword Ranking



WebCEO is another browser based suite of SEO Software Tools similar to SEMrush, which we at EasyPlay.Vegas have used extensively.

Established in 2001, WebCEO has been around pretty much forever and has firmly positioned itself as one of the leading SEO Software Tools.

Like most of the tools and utilities we feature here on OCR WebCEO does cost, but nothing in life is for free, certainly if it is any good.

Which we are happy to report, WebCEO most certainly is.

In our view the best feature of WebCEO to use is the keyword ranking tool.

This allows you to track historically all your targeted short tail and long tail terms within not just google, but all the major search engines.

Web CEO SEO Tools

As well as tracking your current targeted keywords, the software also has the ability to produce keyword analysis reports on any site you choose, including those of your competitors. Thus enabling you to enhance your on site and off site SEO.

The software also enables you to produce on site seo reports with the starter package providing a good crawl depth of 5,000 pages.

Backlink Analysis

WebCEO also allows you to produce detailed backlink analysis reports on not only your own sites but those of your competitors too. However, we feel it isn’t as comprehensive in this area compared to the likes of SEMrush and Ahrefs for example, which also provide this service.

WebCEO Pricing Structure

Pricing of WebCEO is competitive and is certainly on a par with other SEO software suites out there. We know of several other casino affiliates such as Casinomeister who currently use WebCEO. Certainly if used in conjunction with the likes of Majestic SEO, WebCEO will provide you with a greater understanding on how to improve the rankings of the pages of your site.

  • Start Up:       $  99 per month
  • Corporate:    $ 199 per month
  • Agency:         $ 499 per month

WebCEO also offers new customers a free trial for one month, so you can see first hand what benefits the software brings. To obtain the free trial just click this link here.