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Sunday, 8 April 2024
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DDoS Attack

DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks on Gambling Portals

Last night on 4th April 2017, EasyPlay.Vegas was subjected to what I can only call a ‘crap’ Distributed Denial of Service Attack or DDoS for short.

The reason I describe the DDoS on OCR as crap is that it did not bring the site down. Indeed the only damage it did was to skew my analytics used for tracking site visit stats.

However, it was a DDoS as the amount of traffic the site received over a 4 hour period, was more than EasyPlay.Vegas receives in a week combined. Whilst a very crude attack, it’s objective was more than likely hoping to ensure OCR exceeded it’s monthly bandwidth allowance. Thus bringing the site down.

Unfortunately for the perpetrator or perpetrators behind this crude DDoS attack, EasyPlay.Vegas sits on a dedicated server, which it has done so since 2005. We also use one of the best hosting companies in the UK in the form of Coreix, who also provide DDoS mitigation services to their customers.

All this aside, it is interesting though that we are now the fourth such iGaming or Gambling Portal to have been subjected to a DDoS attack during the past few weeks.

There is a running theme though, as the sites in question which are Casinomeister, GoneGambling and Affiliate Guard Dog have all been outspoken about the goings on at Affiliate Edge and the Club World Group of online casinos.

No doubt a pure coincidence, which I am sure those of you reading this page and watching the video below will agree with. Similar to the ‘coincidence’ that a massive DDoS took out the entire server network of Casinomeister’s hosting company when he rogued the comical yet notorious Jackpots Heaven online casino. ( Note: check them out in the rogue casinos pages here on OCR, as it is a good laugh ).

Anyhow, I make no assumptions or conclusions. I will let that be up to you guys to do that. But I will say that if you are a webmaster which works in the iGaming industry, you need to be clued up to the pitfalls that this industry throws up.

Whilst there are many brilliant, indeed amazing people that work in iGaming, unfortunately there are many an asshole too. Hence EasyPlay.Vegas has procured a massive rogue pit deep underground to accommodate them all.

To this extent, ensure whatever software you use is patched to the latest release, use a firewall, either physical or software and have a decent structured backup policy in place. Last but not least, spend what you can on a good hosting platform. After all if this is your line of work, you need to invest in it, to ensure it is protected adequately.

Anyhow, below is my video providing my own take of the DDoS attack on EasyPlay.Vegas and the other sites mentioned above which occurred during the past couple of weeks.

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