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Monday, 9 April 2024

Brightshare Casino Affiliate Program

Brightshare Affiliate ProgramThe month of May 2013 turned out to be a ‘dark’ month for the casino affiliate sector, as Brightshare become the second casino affiliate program to be blacklisted by OCR in the same month, following hot on the heels of Roxy Affiliates. ( Roxy are no longer blacklisted and are now part of the upstanding 32red Group of online casinos ).

Brightshare have been in operation for over ten years now and are responsible for the online marketing of the ‘Jackpot Factory’ group of online casinos. Casinos in Brightshare’s portfolio include All Slots and All Jackpots Casino.

On the 1st May 2013, Brightshare introduced without consultation with their affiliates, retroactive predatory terms to their affiliate program. Which as a result, will see their affiliate partners earn less off their historical player base and any subsequent new players referred moving forward.

The changes are such that this saw Brightshare  ‘rogued’ by the Affiliate Guard Dog site and has seen their sponsorship of the Casino Affiliate Programs Forums suspended as of 8th May 2013.

The terms that have been introduced retroactively for all affiliate partners of Brightshare are listed below. These are:

  • 5.5. For the purposes of this Revenue share Plan, an Affiliate shall be deemed by BrightShare as an Inactive Affiliate in a Plan, if the Affiliate does not deliver any new depositing Players for a period of three (3) consecutive months in an individual Plan. The monthly Revenue share percentage payable for an Inactive Affiliate will be adjusted to 15% for all Players’ net Revenue linked to this Plan. Should the Inactive Affiliate deliver new depositing Players, at any time thereafter, the Affiliate shall become active in this Plan and be entitled to the revenue share percentage as per the table above.
  • 5.6. BrightShare or its Clients may restrict specific markets for acquisition of new Players. Upon closure of a market to acquisition, BrightShare reserves the right to adjust the Affiliate’s Revenue share percentage to 15% for all the Affiliate’s existing Players from the closed market.

Furthermore it has come to my attention that Spiral Solutions have implemented a maximum withdrawal clause of $4,000 a week for all players at any of their properties at the sole discretion of the casino management. Whilst this is not in itself a rogue activity, it certainly is not fair and hampers the high roller players that the casino benefits from.

As a result of blacklisting Brightshare here on EasyPlay.Vegas, I will be removing All Slots Casino from the casino reviews section and all traces of links to All Slots from OCR. The following sites below have either blacklisted Brightshare and their casinos, or have in depth discussions going on concerning the retroactive and predatory terms they have implemented:

If you are a casino webmaster currently working with Brightshare then I advise you to seriously reconsider working with them moving forward. If you were considering joining Brightshare as an affiliate, I would avoid them at all costs. If you happen to be in the employ of Spiral Solutions and have come across this page, shame on you. Spiral Solutions reap what they have sown.