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Blacklisted Affiliate Programs

Blacklisted Casino Affiliate ProgramsUnfortunately like in every sector and industry online, there are also programs in the online gambling industry which webmasters should steer clear of.

Indeed due to the lucrative and competitive nature of the gambling industry, there are many operators who do not treat players or affiliate webmasters as one should expect.

In conjunction with our Rogue Casinos Page, we have also a dedicated Blacklist Page for the worst of the casino affiliate programs.

On this page,  listed are those programs who either rip off affiliates by implementing tactic such as ‘shaving’, use unethical cross marketing techniques or other dubious underhand methods..

In addition the programs behind some of the worst online casinos from a player perspective are also listed. This is very important, as the properties you promote as a webmaster, should be upstanding casinos who put the player first.

Affiliate Edge

Affiliate Edge

Affiliate Edge is the casino affiliate program behind the former award winning US facing Club World Casino group  of online casinos properties.

However, things changed for the worse back in November 2016, when the upstanding owner and operator was removed from his position.

Ok, so shit does and can happen, but this action does not stop there. Oh no! You see the two new owners have no experience or previous interest in running a successful online casino group.

You see, Affiliate Edge and Club World did not receive and have bestowed on them countless awards in the past for no reason whatsoever. They were up until November 2016, the best option for US based players to play at an online casino. Period, full stop.



AffPowerAffPower the Casino Affiliate Program responsible for the marketing of online casinos such as Deuce Club and Euromoon Casino, to name but two, have been literally caught with their pants down, pirating casino software no less.

Thanks to LatestCasinoBonuses.com who initially uncovered AffPower’s illegal and underhand ways and also Casinomeister.com who subsequently brought this matter to my attention.

The software concerned is Net Ent, who are responsible for producing some of the most popular online slot games currently available to play.

Players should avoid all AffPower casino properties and affiliates should also stop working with AffPower as a result.



Brightshare Affiliate ProgramThe month of May 2013 turned out to be a ‘dark’ month for the casino affiliate sector, as Brightshare become the second casino affiliate program to be blacklisted by OCR in the same month, following hot on the heels of Roxy Affiliates. ( Roxy are no longer blacklisted and are now part of the upstanding 32red Group of online casinos ).

Brightshare have been in operation for over ten years now and are responsible for the online marketing of the ‘Jackpot Factory’ group of online casinos. Casinos in Brightshare’s portfolio include All Slots and All Jackpots Casino.

On the 1st May 2013, Brightshare introduced without consultation with their affiliates, retroactive predatory terms to their affiliate program. Which as a result, will see their affiliate partners earn less off their historical player base and any subsequent new players referred moving forward.

The changes are such that this saw Brightshare  ‘rogued’ by the Affiliate Guard Dog site and has seen their sponsorship of the Casino Affiliate Programs Forums suspended as of 8th May 2013.

Buffalo Partners Affiliate Program

Buffalo PartnersFor those webmasters who have followed my postings on various message boards such as Casinomeister and Affiliate Guard Dog, I have one thing to say: “TOLD YOU SO!” – What on earth am I going on about? Well the mere fact that Referback and the evil program that was known as Wagershare are one and the same.

Despite dodges, outright denials and side stepping when asked outright about the link up between these two affiliate programs, all came to light in the summer of July 2014. When Referback and Wagershare joined forces to become Buffalo Partners. Or as I like to refer to them, as Bullshit Partners.

Say it is not so? The same Wagershare who since 2010 started locking a vast amount of high earning players EasyPlay.Vegas had referred to them?

The same Wagershare who invoked the non promotion FU Clause on OCR when we dropped them like a stone, due to the high proportion of locked players? Hence enabling them to hold onto over £3,000 of OUR money.


Europartners Affiliate ProgramEasyPlay.Vegas first added the EuroPartners Casino Affiliate Programs to our dedicated affiliate program blacklist back in November 2009.

There were a number of factors as to why this decision was reached, but the final straw, was the copious amounts of spam our email addresses received from numerous affiliate managers in the employ of EuroPartners.

The decision to blacklist EuroPartners was not taken lightly. In addition to the spam emails, I have also received several cold call telephone calls from EuroPartners managers trying to convince me to work with them and add their properties to EasyPlay.Vegas.

EuroPartners is a casino affiliate program which is  responsible for the online marketing of several Playtech powered online casinos.

Further to the spam issues that webmasters such as myself have been on the receiving end of, there have also been several issues concerning the statistical reporting provided by EuroPartners to their affiliate marketers.

Gambling Wages

Gambling Wages Affiliate ProgramGambling Wages is an online casino affiliate program based out of Costa Rica who are responsible for the affiliate programs covering the Virtual Casino Group.

The Virtual Casino Group are Rogued and Blacklisted on EasyPlay.Vegas for continual non payment of players over many many years.

In addition to this Gambling Wages have also a history of not paying their affiliates. This is borne out on the various gambling affiliate forums in operation, whereby the Gambling Wages Affiliate Program has been the source of many threads complaining about non payment of rightful earnings.

If you care about what sites you promote and recommend, you should avoid Gambling Wages at all costs. The properties covered by Gambling Wages are listed below.

All of these properties are blacklisted on EasyPlay.Vegas.  In addition EasyPlay.Vegas will not exchange links with any webmaster that promotes the Gambling Wages portfolio of gaming sites.

Rock Solid Affiliates

Rock Solid AffiliatesRock Solid Affiliates is a sister casino affiliate program of the notorious AffPower Group of online casinos. With Rock Solid Affiliates being responsible for the online promotion and marketing of three rogue and blacklisted online casinos.

All three casinos promoted by Rock Solid Affiliates should be avoided and accordingly casino affiliates should ensure they do not work with Rock Solid Affiliates.

This is due to Rock Solid Affiliates being linked to the pirating of casino games from software companies and also the defrauding of players.

If the team at Rock Solid are all too happy to defraud their players, how do you expect them to treat their affiliates? Avoid working with Rock Solid Affiliates at all costs.

Rome Partners

Rome PartnersOk, I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of the Top Game Casino Software, but I do consider myself to be objective and impartial when it comes to updating EasyPlay.Vegas.

Even more so when it comes to actually making the decision to add a property to the casino blacklist, or in this instance the blacklisting of an affiliate program.

Well the first bad news for Rome Partners is that both their casino properties which they represent, in the form of Rome Casino and Diceland have both been blacklisted here on OCR. For a variety of reasons, including slow to non payment of winnings and extremely and I don’t say this lightly, unprofessional customer support.

Secondly, Rome Partners have been the recipient of several complaints, some from leading casino affiliates, of dubious zeroing of statistics at the month end. As a result, Rome Partners find themselves listed as a blacklisted and rogue affiliate program here on OCR.

Wagershare – Now Known as Buffalo Partners

Wagershare Affiliate ProgramWagerShare is the casino affiliate program responsible for marketing the Palace Group of Online Casinos. Casinos in this group include the Microgaming Powered Spin Palace Online Casino.

WagerShare have been blacklisted by EasyPlay.Vegas for a number of reasons, not withstanding the small fact they owed us over £3,000 in unpaid marketing costs for several years.

WagerShare has also been listed as a ‘Rogue’ Casino Affiliate Program by the Affiliate Protection site Affiliate Guard Dog. In addition to this, numerous complaints have been made concerning WagerShare in the various casino webmaster forums.

Our main issue with WagerShare though is the extremely high proportion of locked player accounts that occurs month on month. This is something that has also been noted by several other webmasters who have worked with WagerShare and their properties.

Then there is the fact that WagerShare have in the past and currently are invoking their equivalent of the ‘FU’ clause with their webmaster partners.