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Monday, 9 April 2024

EuroPartners Casino Affiliate Program

Europartners Affiliate ProgramEasyPlay.Vegas first added the EuroPartners Casino Affiliate Programs to our dedicated affiliate program blacklist back in November 2009.

There were a number of factors as to why this decision was reached, but the final straw, was the copious amounts of spam our email addresses received from numerous affiliate managers in the employ of EuroPartners.

The decision to blacklist EuroPartners was not taken lightly. In addition to the spam emails, I have also received several cold call telephone calls from EuroPartners managers trying to convince me to work with them and add their properties to EasyPlay.Vegas.

EuroPartners is a casino affiliate program which is  responsible for the online marketing of several Playtech powered online casinos.

Further to the spam issues that webmasters such as myself have been on the receiving end of, there have also been several issues concerning the statistical reporting provided by EuroPartners to their affiliate marketers.

Unsolicited Email Spam and Cold Calling is Unacceptable

Upon calling out EuroPartners for spamming my mailbox, an affiliate manager from Europartners who took umbrage, posting on OCR’s now closed forum:

“To you all – Your in the GAMBLING business gentlemen, not selling Girl Scout cookies. If you can’t handle a few sales calls with some poise and dignity without crying and whining like a child who’s lollipop has been taken, maybe a career change is in order. I hear the gardening business is blossoming.”

Very professional….Not!  He also went on to state:

“I am going to send an email to my colleagues asking them to no longer contact OCR. I hope we can move on with this issue and end this foolishness immediately.”

Well six months down the road and I was still the recipient of emails from Europartners asking me to promote their casinos. I have been in touch with their representative over on the GPWA and have informed them of our decision to blacklist their program as a result of being on the receiving end of 4 years worth of spam from them.

The online gambling industry has enough problems from those outside wanting to ban it, we don’t need programs such as Europartners making it worse for us all, by continuing to use aggressive uncalled for marketing tactics such as spam.

Europartners will remain blacklisted and not recommended on EasyPlay.Vegas until such time they can prove that they have ceased their underhand marketing techniques.

Should we not receive any more spam from them within the next six months, we will be prepared to remove their blacklisting.