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Saturday, 7 April 2024

Buffalo Partners Affiliate Program

Buffalo PartnersFor those webmasters who have followed my postings on various message boards such as Casinomeister and Affiliate Guard Dog, I have one thing to say: “TOLD YOU SO!” – What on earth am I going on about? Well the mere fact that Referback and the evil program that was known as Wagershare are one and the same.

Despite dodges, outright denials and side stepping when asked outright about the link up between these two affiliate programs, all came to light in the summer of July 2014. When Referback and Wagershare joined forces to become Buffalo Partners. Or as I like to refer to them, as Bullshit Partners.

Say it is not so? The same Wagershare who since 2010 started locking a vast amount of high earning players EasyPlay.Vegas had referred to them?

The same Wagershare who invoked the non promotion FU Clause on OCR when we dropped them like a stone, due to the high proportion of locked players? Hence enabling them to hold onto over £3,000 of OUR money.

All Roads Lead to Cape Town

I was told a few years back that several programs were working in tandem, practising the dark arts and that all roads led to Cape Town. Well the arrival of Buffalo Partners proves this is indeed the case. Indeed Buffalo Partners have continued the ‘stellar’ work Wagershare aka The Palace Group, aka Win Technologies, proved so adept at.

It wasn’t long before webmasters started complaining about this new combined program. Complaints which at the end of January 2015 led Affiliate Guard Dog to ‘rogue’ Buffalo Partners.

AGD actually allege that Buffalo Partners are working with a known hacker. Well I would have to agree. You see thousands of wordpress powered websites have been hacked over the past 6 months or so, with pages thrown up, showcasing and promoting casinos in the Buffalo Partners roster. What have Buffalo Partners done about it? Sweet nothing, this despite requests from AGD, GPWA and others to shut down said affiliate accounts and redirect the traffic to a blank page.

Additionally webmasters are already complaining about locked player accounts aplenty and slamming down on previously agreed commission deals, plus the introduction through the back door of ‘High Roller Clauses’. Don’t believe me, then take a look at one such article here. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are a webmaster working in the iGaming Industry and no doubt you probably are if you have reached this page, then please steer clear of promoting all and any properties managed by the Buffalo Partners Affiliate Program.

In the next day I will be updating the list of casino properties that Buffalo Partners are responsible for, currently the list below only contains those properties that were managed by Wagershare.

Any questions or information you may want to share, please do so by signing up to the forum here on OCR and letting us know.