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Affiliate Edge – Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away

Can't Pay We'll Take It Away3rd September 2017 – The purpose of this page concerning Affiliate Edge, is to document our issues with the UK Manchester based Casino Affiliate Program and their continual withholding of some £5,000 from EasyPlay.Vegas.

For those of you not up to speed with the shenanigans which have gone on at Affiliate Edge. They, along with their casino properties were rogued and blacklisted on OCR at the beginning of the year.

You can at your leisure, read about the blacklisting of Affiliate Edge here and also the blacklisting of Club World Casino here. To cut a long story short, the owners of Affiliate Edge, a certain Stuart Ferster and his brother Warren Ferster, employed the services of high ranking individuals within the rogue AffPower casino group.

No doubt heeding their advice, Stuart and Warren Ferster decided to add an additional clause to the Terms & Conditions applicable to their affiliate partners. However, this clause which was added in February 2017, was not communicated to their affiliates and also was not agreed upon by EasyPlay.Vegas.

Here at OCR we had been working with Affiliate Edge, for some ten years or so. Having first signed up to the program when it was known as CWC Affiliates.

Now what is the big deal with this clause and what exactly does it stipulate?

4.7 Inactive Affiliate Clause

Clause 4.7 in all it’s glorious wording:

4.7 Affiliates who send 5 FTD’s or less over a 2 calendar month period collectively will be marked as ‘non active’ and will be reduced to 10% default commission.

Now this is for a want of a better word  BULLSHIT. Not only was this sneakily added to the Terms we signed up to the program with and therefore not agreed by us. But furthermore it was not communicated to affiliates working with Affiliate Edge.

In addition, this is nothing short of  beating affiliates with a stick to continue to promote Affiliate Edge Properties, after all the negative publicity that has come out in the public domain concerning the program. Publicity that includes allegations of Detagging Players referred to the program. So why would any webmaster in their right mind continue to promote these properties?

By adding this  clause retroactively, it also allows Affiliate Edge and Stuart and Warren Ferster to steal monies from their ‘Affiliate Partners’.

What is even more galling is the fact that at the time of writing this page up, the Affiliate Edge Backend, shows me the amounts they should have paid us based on our 35% agreed commission as paid. Talk about kicking sand in your face.

So I have followed this up with Darren who is now  responsible for managing the Affiliate Program for Stuart and Warren Ferster.  When querying the shortfall in payments received for June and July 2017 I received the following email communication from him:

Hello Dave,

There is no need for an invoice, as all commission which has been generated was paid.

In the system it’s showing the wrong figures as your account is non-active and could not meet our terms:

4.7 Affiliates who send 5 FTD’s or less over a 2 calendar month period collectively will be marked as ‘non active’ and will be reduced to 10% default commission.

Total June: $1287.64

Total July: $1282.66 + $236.59 from March

I believe to have already sent you the swift/confirmation of these payments.



Yet their system is showing me the following as the amounts they have paid and these are the correct amounts which we should have received.

Affiliate Edge Payments

The mildly hilarious thing is, is the fact that they are unable to change their affiliate system to reflect this so called 10% I now should be on according to their fraudulent insertion of 4.7 which they are applying to all their affiliates.

Payment Outstanding

As it stands my company and EasyPlay.Vegas are still owed $6335.80 for June and July 2017. As such Affiliate Edge aka Interactive Technology Corporation have been invoiced for the outstanding balance.

Should we not receive payment within 30 days, we will commence Legal Action to recover the monies owed and also report the company and their directors Warren and Stuart Ferster to Greater Manchester Police for committing Fraud.

I will keep you all posted on the outcome.

Affiliate Edge – Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away