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Saturday, 7 April 2024
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Clock Ticking

Clock Ticking Down to Legal Action

Interactive Technology Corporation to face Court Action

4th October 2017 OCR Video Blog – Our final video blog for September 2017 covers our ongoing dispute with Affiliate Edge and their parent company Interactive Technology Limited. As documented and vlogged about on 1st September 2017.

The video below was recorded on 29th September 2017, one day prior before Interactive Technology Corporation Limited based in Manchester UK, had to pay the £4940.30 that they owe the owners of EasyPlay.Vegas, before court action commences.

Dave Sawyer, director of Bath Rock Media Limited which owns EasyPlay.Vegas said:

“The introduction of retroactive player quotas in February 2017 by the senior management at ITC under the auspices of clause 8.5, allowing them to amend the terms as and whenever they feel like. Is nothing short of reneging on agreed terms, which we had been working with Affiliate Edge since 2006.

It is akin to using a stick to beat the donkey with, to ensure affiliates continue to provide ITC’s Affiliate Edge Program with new players. Despite the fact there are very strong allegations that Warren Ferster and Stuart Ferster have been detagging players from their affiliates. Plus their close business relationship with the blacklisted and rogue AffPower Group.

ITC are the sole beneficiary of all the offshore shell companies set up to ‘protect’ and keep at arms length the operation of Affiliate Edge. This was also confirmed by Mr Justice Morgan when making judgement in the acrimonious High Court Action involving Warren Ferster and Stuart Ferster in 2016.

I am hopeful that the action my company is taking against ITC will ensure that affiliate programs will think long and hard before introducing punitive retroactive changes to any and all terms and conditions with their affiliate partners in the future.

Tick Tock Goes the Clock